Heidi Wilson Fluid Healing

Hello. I am a  body therapist in Tucson, Arizona who knows how to help people find that quiet, still place within themselves that is the source of healing. My background of music, dance, tai chi and meditation has led me to, and trained me for, this role, as these arts develop our relationship with our senses and ability to be present in body/mind/spirit.

Human Beings are fluid beings. We are said to be at least 70% water. Water is a conductor of energy. The fluids in our bodies are the recipient of the spark of life, the divine, creative intelligence that contains the wisdom of the ages.

In these times, our nervous systems are overloaded with stimulation and stress. Tapping in to our fluid intelligence gives our systems a chance to discharge, allowing for space, freedom and healing. A chance for shifts of perspective and patterns are possible as we re-align with our innate wholeness.


The modalities and services offered and represented through this website can support you through these energetic shifts towards Health and Wholeness.

Heidi Wilson is: 

Certified in Visionary Craniosacral Work (Milne Institute)

Ceritified in Zen Shiatsu (Desert Institute for the Healing Arts)

Practitioner of Tai Chi Chuan for over thirty years

Life long musician and dancer

To purchase cranio-sacral sessions immediately you can use PayPal. I offer special pricing for four sessions and you can choose by clicking on the choices.